Welcome Valued Volunteers

Please confirm that you have received this message for your upcoming Ballam Park Boomers team via - president@bpbbc.com.au or 0418 176 661.

Thank you for taking on the commitment and responsibility to be a positive role model in our kids lives and know that it is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us to assist:
Clinton Bailey (President) on 0418 176 661
Cherie Ridgway (Vice President) on 0407 130 285

We are here to support you.

Below is your Team list with attached contact details to start to contact the families in your team and introduce yourself.

Please check, as first point of call, that all new players have a uniform. We have a few extra uniforms to cover the first game if required, but please make it a priority to make sure the kids have organised a Boomers uniform.


President: Clinton Bailey
Vice President: Cherie Ridgway
Coaches Support: Darren Shortt
Club Accountant: Carla Cruickshank
TM Supervisor / Event Coordinator: Cherie Ridgway
Secretary / Venue Coordinator: Stephen Preston
Official Club Photographer: Neil Tonks
Social Media Coordinator: Amy McClean
General Committee: Mel Wood
General Committee: Danielle Wilton

Uniform orders, uniform payment, registration and registration payment, general information, club and FDBA news and merchandise.

BANK ACCOUNT - Ballam Park Basketball Club
Name : Ballam Park Basketball Club
BSB : 033-138 
Acc : 136905

Order and pay for a new uniform via the following link: https://www.bpbbc.com.au/uniform-details

All registration fees mush be paid by week 4 of the season for kids to continue playing.
Payment plans/Extensions can be granted on request for those needing a little extra help.
Pay you registration via the following link: https://www.bpbbc.com.au/registration

TRAINING TIMES / Please indicate a preference
Wednesday 4pm - 7pm Available at McClelland Collage.
Thursday 4pm - 7pm Available at Flinders Collage.

Check the dates section on https://www.bpbbc.com.au/ for training time information.

General - https://www.facebook.com/groups/BallamParkBoomers/
Coaches, Team Managers and Committee only - https://www.facebook.com/groups/BPBoomers/members/

Coach: Clinton Bailey

Assistant: Darren Short

Team Manager: Lauren Purcell

Comp  Team Name Surname DOB

W19 - Boys U14 BPBBC (Bailey/Shortt) Noah Bailey 30/08/06 TU14

W19 - Boys U14 BPBBC (Bailey/Shortt) BRODIE GOWER 15/06/06 TU14

W19 - Boys U14 BPBBC (Bailey/Shortt) FINLEY MCMILLIAN 10/04/06 TU14

W19 - Boys U14 BPBBC (Bailey/Shortt) Jordan Shortt 18/01/06 TU14

W19 - Boys U14 BPBBC (Bailey/Shortt) TAYLON VALENTINE 07/06/06 TU14

W19 - Boys U14 BPBBC (Bailey/Shortt) Jesse Metz-Dickenson 07/03/06 TU14 Melanie - 0432 792 124