Photo schedule 2017


10 :00am - U10 Hammond
10:10am - U12 Bailey/Shortt
10:20am - U12 Smead
10:30am - U14 Smead
10:40am - U8 Anderson
10:50am - U9 Tonks
11:00am - U10 Leslie
11:10am - U12 Carolan
11:20am - U12 John
11:30am - U12 McDonald
11:40am - U12 Weeks
11:50am - U12 Charles
12:00pm - U12 Graham
12:10pm - U16 Wood
12:20pm - U16 Blain
12:30pm - U16 Opetaia
12:40pm - U10 Preston
12:50pm - U14 Preston

TM's please make sure your teams are there 15 mins before their times so the day can run as quickly and smoothly as possible.

All kids will get a team photo and an individual photo taken.

The link to purchase these photos is