Ballam Park Basketball Club was Established in the early 1990's by a family who wanted a local club for their daughter to play in. The Boomers really hit their straps in the early 2000’s, with up to 12 teams being registered. Unfortunately with a couple of changes of committee, the numbers started to steadily drop, and by 2008 the club was only running with 2 teams. These teams were associated with the local Ballam Park Primary School in Karingal Frankston.

The following year the club dropped down to one team and at that time nearly folded. The club was primarily saved by a team of 7 kids, some tattered uniforms, limited outside facilities to train and a small group of very determined parents! Ironically, one of these 7 kids was the grandson of the couple who founded the club- and this family continues to play with the Boomers to this day. Our focus was to build the Boomers back up to its original glory and give these children a Boomers family to be proud of. The kids were taught the ‘Boomers Spirit’ and what it meant to be a Boomer. It meant support your friends, be kind to your community, be selfless but confident and most of all be fair so that all can have the same opportunity to participate and play this great game in a safe environment.


A committee was born in 2009 and essentially the club started from scratch with a group that was willing to learn with the pure intention of building a platform for the young members of our community to develop and excel. New uniforms were sourced, legislations were learnt and new relationships with the FDBA (Frankston District Basketball Association) were formed. Our kids didn’t have the luxury of larger clubs but they carried themselves with pride and a love for the game and those around them. This showed every time they took the court and played with a fighting spirit and selfless attitude. Our numbers were low at first with mixed teams (both boys and girls playing together) making it possible to play on game day and from this local interest grew. The word spread quickly that our family values and decency shone through into our sport and this platform was open to all kids at all levels.


Our kids and club members know it takes hard work to succeed. But we are the most determined in our community to be positive role models, to improve and set high standards in achievements and acceptance for all in our community.


Our club, in its current form, is now almost 10 years old. We currently have 18 registered teams holding over 115 kids participating each week and over 50 associated families contributing to driving their kids to game day, coaching, team managing, running the scoreboard, managing the accounts, merchandise, uniforms and of course a professionally run committee to keep all on track, daily support and the vision of keeping the original Boomer Spirit alive!


As we say every day, every week, before and after every game with pride, regardless of the end result knowing that we gave it everything we had until the end, and always in true community spirit!